Whether you’re a licensed venue or hosting a public event, whether you’re in entertainment or leisure, you need reliable, agile and experienced Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licensed Door Supervisors. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Achilleus Security.

Whatever your venue or event — bars, clubs, theatres, cinemas, festivals, outdoor and/or sporting events — you’ll find our team of SIA Licensed Door Supervisors are professional and bring a wealth of relevant experience.

Plus, you can rest assured that every one of our SIA Licensed Door Supervisors operates in line with current industry guidelines and best practice including:

  • British Standard 7858:2019 (Vetting & Screening Code Of Practice)
  • British Standard 8406:2020 (Stewarding)
  • British Standard 7960:2020 (Door Supervision)

Meeting Your needs

Do you need highly skilled SIA Licensed Door Supervisors in London or the Home Counties? We’ve got you covered.

Our SIA Licensed Door Supervisors will:

  • Meet and greet customers
  • Answer visitor queries about your event or venue
  • Give directions
  • Manage access control
  • Prevent unauthorised access
  • Remove unsuitable visitors

You can rest assured that they will be reliable, customer focused, switched on and able to adapt to a multitude of tasks and changing circumstances.

Training, Appearance & Skill Counts

SIA Door Supervisors must be customer and visitor-friendly, approachable, have excellent communication skills and be able to meet and greet your customers or guests. At the same time, a door supervisor must also be able to professionally handle conflict situations, diffusing a scenario before it escalates.

Today's door supervisors must be good communicators and presentable with qualifications in:

  • Level 2 in Door Supervision
  • Customer service (Level 2)
  • Conflict management (Level 2)
  • Problem solving
  • Spectator safety (Level 2 and 3 NVQ)
  • First aid (Basic and First Aid at Work)
  • Physical intervention (Level 2)
  • Physical Restraint (Level 2 BTEC)
  • Searching Skills
  • Healthy and safety Awareness
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Fire Awareness

In addition to the above, all Achilleus Security door supervisors have a working knowledge of risk management, law and prevention of terrorism. These skills and others can be expected of an Achilleus Security door supervisor.

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Screening & Vetting Policy

Rest assured that all of our SIA Licensed Door Supervisors are screened to the highest industry standards which includes screening to a 5-year standard in line with British Standard 7858:2019.

See full details of our vetting and screening policy

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