Professional & friendly Security, Stewarding & Crowd Management Services

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    Trained & Licensed Personnel

    Our team members represent not just us but more importantly they represent you, and as such we ensure our staff are trained, licensed, qualified & competent to to carry out their duties safely, professionally & to your requirements.

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    Professional Standards

    We ensure that all our services meet and where practical exceed our industry Regulations, Guidelines, Best Practice so that we can meet our mission statement & your standards.

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    Vetted & Screened Personal

    Do you know who your security staff are? We have that covered as we DO! All our team members are fully vetted & screened to British Standard recommendations and beyond to ensure our team members are fit to work for you.

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    Customer Centered Services

    Our customers and their customers come first in everything we do, be it safety, meet and great, security or good old fashioned customer services our aim is making our customers happy.

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    Cost Efficient Services

    We may not be the cheapest in town, but cheap doesnt mean good in this industry & a good Security or Stewarding company should easily recoup your investment in them. And we will do that for you!



At Achilleus Security We Offer Clients a Full Range Of  Bespoke Security, Safety & Stewarding Services To All Areas Of Industry. Please Click On Any Of The Services Below To Find Our More About How We Can Help You.  If You Cant See The Services You Need Then Please Drop Us A Line or Call Us For More Information.

SIA Licensed Door Supervisors

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Achilleus Security Can Provide You With Trained, Licensed, Uniformed & Customer Friendly SIA Licensed Door Supervisors. For Any Event, Venue or Location in the London or Home Counties Area.

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NVQ Football Safety Stewards

Achilleus Security Achilleus-Security-Stewarding-NVQ-Football-Stewards-300x180-1 Home
A NVQ Trained Football Steward Is A Must For Any Match or Stadium. So If You Need Trained, Experienced Customer Friendly Football Stewards Place Yourself In The Hands of Football Stewarding Experts.

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NVQ Event Safety Stewards

Achilleus Security Achilleus-Security-Stewarding-Events-Stewards-300x180-1 Home
Achilleus Is Renowned For Some of The Best Event Stewards in The Business, Stewards Are A Must For Any Event or Venue. So If You Need Event Stewards Place Yourself In The Hands of Stewarding Experts.

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SIA Licensed Response Teams

Achilleus Security Achilleus-Security-Stewarding-SIA-Response-Teams-300x180-1 Home
Achilleus Security are experts in providing trained & experienced Response Teams for all manner of events. From football to concerts Response teams usually deal with the tasks that need a firmer approach.

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SIA Security Guards

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Achilleus Security has been providing fully trained, licensed, screened & uniformed security guards for over 10 years, we are able To Provide Fully Trained SIA Licensed Security Guards For Short Term Or Long Term Cover, Day Or Night.

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SIA Event Security Teams

Achilleus Security Achilleus-Security-Stewarding-SIA-Event-Security-1.1-300x180-1 Home
Achilleus Security SIA Licensed Event Security Officers are of paramount importance to any public or private event. Be it a festival, carnival or street fair our SIA Event Security officers will help you to keep you event and customers safe.

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SIA Licensed Search Teams

Achilleus Security Achilleus-Security-Stewarding-Search-Teams-300x180-1 Home
We live in a world where anything can happen, & we need to be prepared. Achilleus Security can provide you with search teams & equipment to help keep your venue & crowds safer. From searching people to venues we can help.

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Bespoke Security & Safety Services

Achilleus Security Achilleus-Security-Stewarding-Crowd-Management-Services-300x180-1 Home
Achilleus Security Can provide you with a host of tailored services from Event Safety Planning, Vehicle Search Teams, CCTV Operators or Guard Dogs & more to enhance your security or to meet the needs of your event, customers or location.

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Professional Security Solutions

Achilleus Security offer our clients a full range of tailored professional Security, Stewarding, Crowd Management and Crowd Safety services. Our services include:

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    SIA Door Supervisors

    Licensed by the SIA, Door Supervisors are a necessary addition to your event or venue to help ensure safety & security of your customers & the event you are holding.
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    NVQ Football Stewards

    Our Fully Trained Football Stewards help keep safe 1000s of Fans Safe at Football Matches every week. Don't employ second best, employ Achilleus.
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    NVQ Event Stewards

    Achilleus Security Event Stewards are trained to keep your event running smoothly and safely, while ensuring your customers or guests enjoy their experience.
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    SIA Event Security

    At Achilleus Security we are renowned for our experience within the event security industry, so if you are holding an event we can help you to protect your event & keep your guests safe & secure.
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    SIA Search Teams

    In todays modern world we have a duty to keep people safe, and this starts from the moment your guests arrive. At Achilleus Security our trained & customer friendly Search Teams will ensure that only the right items get in.
  • Achilleus Security Response-Team-Icon-2 Home

    SIA Response Teams

    SIA Response Teams are provided to events where a quick response to incidents is required, or where higher levels of risk is expected. Achilleus Security have trained & experienced response teams to help your event or venue run smoothly.
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    SIA CCTV Operators

    CCTV is a common tool at many premises, venues and events. Achilleus Security can supply trained and experienced SIA CCTV Operators to help monitor your customers or premises.
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    SIA Security Guards

    Achilleus Security SIA Security Guards are trained & licensed to protect your building or site to help ensure that only the right people enter & your property stays safe & secure.
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    Crowd Management Planning

    Planning for crowds is vital in order to keep them & others safe, at Achilleus Security we are experts when it comes to Crowd Management Planning. Don't leave crowds to just manage themselves, let us help keep you to keep your Crowds safe.
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    Event Safety Planning

    We understand at Achilleus Security that events don't just happen, & that safety is no different and has to & must in some cases be planned for, so let us help your team to stay in line with your legal obligations to plan & manage a safer event for all.

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