Body Worn Video / CCTV Policy

At Achilleus Security Limited we may at certain assignments use Body Worn Video / CCTV (BWV) for a number of the business & customer security and safety reasons.

Our legitimate business reasons for the use of Body Worn Video is to support our business, our clients and their stakeholders. Example of our legitimate deployment of BWV can include for:

  • Safeguarding employee safety and security - where a user of Body Worn Video may be at risk of physical or verbal attack, or working in a hazardous environment
  • As a deterrent - if the device wearer is involved in policing or controlling an environment which people could try to disrupt.
  • Evidence capture - it the BWV user is involved in a role where they might witness or investigate criminal activity, and capturing visual or audio evidence could assist with future legal proceedings.
  • Promoting transparency - where a device wearer regularly encounters complaints. such as bailiffs or parking wardens.
  • Capturing data to use in process improvement or training - such as identifying learning opportunities.

We have found that the use of BWV helps to reduce conflict, prevent false allegations, and demonstrate & promote transparency, and the footage can, if necessary, be used in internal investigations and also as credible evidence in a court of law.

BWV is being used increasingly worldwide, especially within the security and stewarding industry. We have taken steps to ensure that our systems and team members operate within the recognised legal guidelines and framework while meeting the relevant standards BS 8593:2017, the Code of Practice for the deployment and use of Body Worn Video (BWV) of the Surveillance Camera Commissioner's Code of Practice.

We have published our policy and privacy impact assessment for all to see. Please use the buttons below to download the relevant document. Our data protection registration number with the Information Commissionaires office is ZB242344.

Any queries relating to our use of Body Worn CCTV should be directed to our operations team at


Mario Garcia FDA (csm) Dip PMVA
Managing Director
Achilleus Security Management Limited
December 2023

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