For continuous security surveillance and crowd monitoring minus human errors, you need Achilleus Security’s Drone Services.

Using advanced drone technology — the DJI M30T Series — you can benefit from security surveillance that includes:

  • Full thermal imaging
  • 5x to 16x optical zoom
  • 200x digital zoom
  • Real-time transmission directly into your control room

It’s an effective way to fortify your security while reducing the need for higher numbers of on-site security guards.

Meeting Your needs

Whether you need crowd monitoring for your event or security surveillance for your premises, our high-tech drones and fully trained Drone Operators can help meet your surveillance needs with:

  • AI-powered autonomous threat response e.g. drone dispatches to an alarm location for live video streaming
  • Comprehensive monitoring of large areas
  • Surveillance in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations
  • Speedy patrols to reduce the need for on-site security guards

With real-time image data transmitted directly to your control room, you can empower your security and stewarding teams to take targeted action to avoid disruption at your event or premises.

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Screening & Vetting Policy

Rest assured that all of our Drone Operators are screened to the highest industry standards, which includes screening to a 5–10-year standard in line with British Standard 7858:2020.

See full details of our vetting and screening policy

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