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Mario Garcia

Mario Garcia FDA (CSM)

Managing Director

Mario is a founding partner of Achilleus Security. His passion for the industry, his team, and his over 38 years of experience lead him to work alongside Cathy to uphold the company values and develop the company, its standards, safety systems, event planning, training, and development.

Mario is a qualified and highly experienced industry trainer with over 18 years training experience and graduated from Bucks Uni Crowd Safety Degree Program and is now back studying for his Level 4 Spectator Safety Qualification.

Cathy Garcia 210124

Cathy Garcia

HR Director

Cathy is one of Achilleus Security's founding partners and a company director. She is responsible for the company's ongoing recruitment and screening and is also one of the event safety management leads.  

Her attention to detail and industry experience are key elements to her success and the success of the company. She can also be found on most larger assignments, ensuring we constantly deliver quality services safely.


Fran Webb 210124

Fran Webb

Recruitment & Team Member Services

Fran is the longest-serving member of the recruitment and vetting team. She is vital to ensuring that every new candidate is recruited and screened in accordance with company policy and the highest industry standards.  

Fran also helps to solve daily issues involving current team members while ensuring the ongoing screening of current team members is maintained.

Abbey Peak 210124

Abbey Peak

HR Assistant

Abbey's attention to detail and outstanding organisational skills make her an invaluable member of the HR and Event Day operational team.

Abbey works very closely with Cathy and Fran to ensure that all of our current team members needs are met and our new candidates are recruited and screened in line with company policy and industry guidelines. 


Lee Ling Knowler 1

Lee Knowler

Operations Management

Lee is pivotal to the company's day-to-day operations, booking team members into shifts and dealing with client orders and requirements.

As if that wasn't enough, he also works on assignments as part of our stewarding supervisory and management team.

Damian Parsons 210124

Damian Parsons

Operations Management

Damian is one of the longest-serving members of the team; his main duties involve allocations, training and recruitment. 

Damian's wealth of experience in the security industry makes him a great asset to the company, both within the management team and operationally on the ground.

James Mocock 0124

James MococK

Operations Management

James' main duties involve operational management, along with event and match day management. 

James has many years of experience in the event sector, nighttime economy, and general security industry, which makes him a great asset to the company both within the management team and operationally on the ground.

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"I recently embarked on my journey with this security company, and I must say, it has been an incredible first month. The team's knowledge and training are remarkable, and they foster a supportive work environment that feels like family. One person, in particular, stands out Lee, an incredible source of support .This company's commitment to excellence is truly commendable, and I look forward to growing and thriving in this promising environment. Five stars all the way!"

Aryan Tahir

"I have not been let down in any event and they have been praised by many senior managers at *** for their professional ability and commitment. While working with Achilleus I was sufficiently impressed by their maturity and people skills that I recommended them to *** to act in a Stewarding and Response Team roles."

Premiership football club safety officer

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