Our Screening and Vetting Commitment

At Achilleus Security Ltd we understand and take very seriously our responsibilities to our clients, we do all that we can to ensure that in these troubled times that all our personnel are fit and proper people to represent and protect not only you, and your property but also your customers and your good name.

We want to know as far as we possibly can that we know just who our personnel are!
This is why we operate some of the most stringent vetting and screening policies within the Door Supervision and Stewarding Industry! All of the personnel that Achilleus supply have been screened and vetted up to a 5-10 year standard in line with British Standard (BS)7858: 2012 Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment.
We are very proud to say that currently 95% of all our personnel have been recently checked via the Disclosure & Barring Check (CRB) to an standard level (dependent on duties) and the remaining 5% screened by the DBS to an Enhanced disclosure level. So we can be confident that we know just who we are supplying to our clients.

The personnel that we supply to clients are not just thoroughly screened to ensure they are who they say there, but you can also be rest assured that they are not only entitled to work in this country, but also that they are fit and proper people to work on your assignment.
Other vetting and screening checks over and above BS7858 that we carry out as standard include:

• Personnel credit history verification search
• SIA Licence Check
• Disclosure & Barring Check (CRB)
• Mortality check
• Bank of England Financial sanctions search (BOE)
• Electoral roll search (current and past)
• Politically exposed persons check (PEP)
• Office of foreign assets control check (OFAC)
• Global Identification documentation validation
• Previous Employer History Check
• Educational History Check (where necessary)
• Educational Records - Training Records Verification

As part of our commitment to customer service excellence, we go that much further to know just WHO our personnel are!

“Do other companies go this far to protect you?”

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