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SIA Search Teams

Our Achilleus Security SIA Search teams are often an event’s first line of defence – they can be the first group of people that your visitors come into contact with, and the first to spot a potential hazard.

Security and safety are of paramount importance and safe and secure working and leisure environments are vital too. At the forefront of security prevention and protection is the searching of people, locations and items. To prevent prohibited items such as weapons and drugs entering your event or venue, Achilleus can assist you in your bid for peace of mind and event and venue safety.

Achilleus Security SIA Search Teams represent not only the venue but also the event and the organisation. So how your customers and guests are treated and searched can define not only the behaviour and safety of your guests, but also their impressions of your event, venue or company.

SIA Search Teams need to meet a multitude of expectations, and your choice of professional cannot be left to chance. Achilleus provide professionally trained and experienced personnel to carry out searches in a variety of locations; first and foremost, we must understand the needs of the client and their customers or staff. Once this information has been gathered, we can then begin to create a system tailored to the needs of the client, event and location. Our team members are not only trained to search people by hand but are also trained in the use of hand held search equipment. Our SIA Search Teams are highly-skilled, and trained to understand the issues that may arise when conducting a search.

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Training, Appearance & Skill Counts

Our SIA Search Teams must be customer and visitor-friendly, approachable, have excellent communications skills and be able to meet and greet your customers or guests. At the same time, a door supervisor must also be able to professionally handle conflict situations, diffusing a scenario before it escalates.

Today’s door supervisors must be good communicators and presentable with qualifications in:

  • NVQ Level 2 in Door Supervision
  • Customer service (Level 2) Communication
  • Conflict management (Level 2 City and Guilds)
  • Problem solving
  • Crowd Spectator safety (Level 2 and 3 NVQ)
  • First aid (Basic and First Aid at Work)
  • Physical intervention (Level 2)
  • Physical Restraint (Level 2)
  • Searching Skills
  • Health and safety (Level 2)
  • Terrorisim Awareness

In addition to the above, all Achilleus Security Search TeamsOur have a working knowledge of risk management, law and prevention of terrorism. These skills and others can be expected of an Achilleus door supervisor.

Achilleus Security SIA Search Teams

What Are Your Needs?

Why use SIA Search Teams? Well to most the answer is obvious, but to some not so. That's because the treats in would are changing like never before, and targets are not just large venues, or land marks it can just as likely be a small venue or event.

The Health, Saftey & Welfare of the public or your guests in event organisers / venue owners responsibility, so they MUST by law take all reasonable steps to protect their staff, visitors and guests.

Organisers must take into account the age of guests or religious and cultural beliefs that visitors may have – such issues are only tackled through insight, training and understanding in order to meet client expectations and beyond. Searching of the public or staff is always a contentious point and has to be carried out professionally, tactfully, thoroughly and respectfully, while also considering the needs and requirements of the event and the consideration of safety and security of clients, staff and guests. Should customers need to be searched prior to an event, a main concern is keeping the venue and event site clear of prohibited items. This is imperative to keep people safe and so correct planning and preparation will ensure that enough time is allocated for this task.

At Achilleus, we can help you plan, prepare and operate safe and effective search and queuing systems for any event.
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Screening & Vetting Policy

All Achilleus personnel are all screened to the highest industry levels & beyond. Our SIA Search Teams are SIA Licensed Door Supervisors, they are highly trained professionals, that are screened up to 5-10-years standard in line with British Standard  BS 7858:2012. For full details of our vetting and screening policy, please Click Here.

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