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Achilleus Security FSOA-Achilleus-Security-Membership-Article-2019 Achilleus Security & FSOA

Achilleus Security Limited are very pleased to have joined the Prestigious Football Safety Officers Association in August 2019.

The Achilleus Security Ltd Managing Director Mario Garcia FDA (csm) Dip PMVA said that “we admire very much the work that the FSOA do both nationally and also locally, we are very pleased to be associated with them as being that we work so closely with many safety officers thought our roles at Football Clubs such as QPR, Wembley Stadium, Charlton Athletic and AFC Wimbledon. And we feel that this association with help us to be able to create much stronger ties with clubs and safety officers in general but also to be part of a specialist body that can provide us with such valuable news updates, points of view and the information they share will help us immensely. And the advice and support comes from the wealth of knowledge and experience they have or can access makes our association with them such a vital one and we very much look forward to building a strong long term relationship with them”.

The Football Safety Officers Association (FSOA) of England and Wales was formed in 1992 by a small group of Football Safety Officers for Football Safety Officers.

The aim of the Association is to develop and improve all aspects of Stadium Safety including how events are safely managed. However over the years as Stadium design and facilities for spectators have been improved so has the expectations of the customers (fans) who visit our grounds.  In order to keep pace with these heightened expectations the FSOA has and continues to play a significant part, mainly through the Stewards employed by football Clubs, in improving levels of customer care and quality of service delivery. Attending football matches should be an enjoyable experience irrespective of the match result and Safety Officers through their match day staff will play a significant part in achieving this objective.

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